A Thrustmaster Direct Drive wheel?

I remained skeptical about this, and I will until something official comes out but this could be a game changer move; first DD commercial steering wheel available worldwide. Kazunori Yamauchi confirmed it somehow.

Thrustmaster showed a new wheel in last of GT Sport event in London. We have been talking and speculating about the rear of the wheel presented could be (or not) a direct drive motor but at the end, we discarded it due to the high price entrance step and technical en safety concerns. Now it seems we were wrong. GT Sport launches on 16 November… will it be ready?

Kazunori Yamauchi said “I always felt with other wheels that something was wrong – that something was off. When we actually used the torque meter to measure the torque on those other steering wheels, there were some that had a high peak but would then drop off – they would only give the torque in spikes. So we went and redesigned it so that the torque delivery is linear.
Even when you play with the wheel for hours at a time, the torque delivery will remain stable.”

I guess this would be over 1k dollars. Place your bets!

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