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This could be considered as an update of the previous “applications and plugins” post published at the beginning of the 2015. Time to check some new additions to the community.

iRacing week planner: Tom Moitié said “I always find it awkward to use the website to figure out what I’m going to race the next week based on what content I’ve got and what I’m feeling. So I built this, it takes some of the data from the site and presents it in a nice, easy to read package, with some neat filtering. ”

timthumbFanaleds: Gerben Bol and Dirk Teurlings wrote this little and useful app “Fanaleds is a free plugin for your sim racing hardware. Originally started on Fanatec wheels that make use of telemetry from games which is shown on the display. This telemetry information includes things like the current speed and the gear you’re in. Some games even give us the option to detect wheel locking and making the brake pedal on the Clubsport Pedals vibrate to simulate ABS.”

Wheelcheck: David Tucker, FFB guru at iRacing staff, said “I have been playing around with force feedback for a while now. And I keep trying to come up with a good way to quantitatively measure our wheels to see how well they perform. I have come up with some simple tests that appear to work well. I thought I would post a bit of my data here for everyone to see. Please keep in mind that this data is only showing you how well a wheel performed on a specific test. It can not measure the quality of the wheel, or even how well the wheel will feel when driving. But it is a starting point for comparing the relative potential of various wheels.”

iRacePal: Ken Tarvin’s fuel calculator and race adviser “This is broken into three different sections. First is the positional chart, which shows you in relation to the drivers around you. In addition to showing their most recent lap times and the difference to yours, it will color the driver names depending on that difference. Red if they are faster than you, Green if you are faster than them. This allows you to see who around you is faster, with only a quick glance.”

trackmapJoel Real Timing: Joel Guez said about his product “JRT is not a simple timing table, it has been think to be able to be used in race thanks to well studied color codes. It works also with replays that could be useful to make overlays on videos after a race or to comment races delayed.”

Sound Shift: László Cziglédszky said “Ever since I’ve been playing iRacing on a 3 monitor system I’m using many different dashboard apps on my Android phone. But I realized that when Oculus Rift comes then this method is no longer an option. In the Rift you probably don’t want to stare the dashboard constantly or from time to time or you hate the floating HUDs, as I am. So I have created a similar program as SimShiftLight which communicates via sounds. Also you can use this instead of ShiftTone.” Jari Ylimainen wants to leave the app development and maintenance and needs some help to keep it running. I can host it but not maintain it. Python guys needed! “Seriously though, I’m putting the site down. If someone wants to fix the parser and continue hosting the site, go ahead.”

iRdash: Pierre Minnieur developed and AngularJS dash “Its styled a bit like the AMG GT3 dashboard — but right now it contains only some basics telemetry (e.g. its missing a fuel calculator). I’m constantly improving and working on it. It’s based on AngularJS and wrapped into an Electron app. My primary intention behind that project was that I wanted a dashboard which I can fully control and customize without learning some nifty editors and where all the dashboards must not have LEDs. I have a small 5″ HDMI display and I currently use a SymProjects Pro-Shift to drive real LEDs. SInce then, I started working on that dashboard.”

iRacing Replay Director: This sounds interesting. Dean Netherton said “This program converts your iRacing replay’s into edited video files for uploading to youtube. It overlays the race with leader boards and other race data. It creates 2 videos from your replays. The full replay and a 10 minute highlight video. The highlight video will contain the battles, incidents and remove any boring bits from the final video.”

Here a test I did:

irPitCrew: Sean Woodhouse programmed a new dash “irPitCrew is an iRacing pitstop management tool designed to run on a phone or other remote device. The app displays information about remaining fuel, time, and laps in real time while you race, and lets you set fuel and tires for your next pit stop using a touch screen interface. When run in Auto mode, irPitCrew will calculate required fuel and automatically update the value to iRacing for you so you can focus on racing.”

iRacing Dev Tracker: Frank Schichterich said “Ever wondered what the iRacing Dev Team is doing the whole day? Writing posts to the forum..! Now you can stalk them…  ”

iRacing friend list: Nick Thissen is one of the most talented guys in the community “Let me show you a small application I’ve been working on today It is a Friend List application that simply shows you your list of friends, but in a separate application. It should work very similar to the Steam friends list (yes, I completely ripped their style, who cares ), it automatically updates in the background (you can choose how often) and when it updates it will be able to show a small popup for events like people coming online, going offline, going into a session, etc. This way you can get updates what your friends are doing much easier!”

Series participation visualizer: and Nick Thissen again “Series Participation Visualizer is a userscript that adds an interactive graph to the Home page of every official series which shows the participation stats (meaning: the amount of drivers and the strength of field, did it split, etc) for each race. This allows you to very quickly see when a series is popular and when SOF races are. You can also see the Average participation per week day, averaged over the current season so far.”

If you see something I missed or worth to mention, just let me know.


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