Prerace checklist

Some time ago I wrote a post with a list of elements to watch before a race. Shaun Cole uploaded a video with the same idea using a preflight template as a base.

Today I bring you a LaTex template, and a printing pdf template, to prepare your races properly. Feel free to modify as needed.

PDF checklist


\renewcommand\marginpar[1]{\-\oldmarginpar[\raggedleft #1]%
{\raggedright #1}}

\begin{list}{}{}% whatever you want the list to be
\renewcommand\item{\olditem -- \marginpar{$\Box$} }
\newcommand\checkeditem{\olditem -- \marginpar{$\CheckedBox$} }

\item Wheel - FFB
\item Wheel - Degrees
\item Pedals - Calibrated
\item Pedals - Brake stiffness
\item Pedals - Potentiometers check
\item Buttons - Do I need them for this race?
\item Microphone - Operational
\item Audio - Proper volume

\item Setup - Load Q or R
\item Fuel - Check Q or R
\item Tires - Do I need a full replacement?
\item Pit strategy - Set this up
\item Rev Limiter - Remember pit lane speed
\item Pit lane distances - Where is my pit?
\item Race start - Proper race start procedure (GCT)

\item Proper lighting
\item Proper cooling
\item Proper privacy (plane mode)
\item Proper shoes
\item Beverage
\item Towel
\item Clean glasses
\item Disturbing elements
\item Noise

\item iRacing updates
\item Windows updates
\item Antivirus updates

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