Fitness of a race driver

Ok, I can accept it, this is not demanding as the real equivalent, but, who knows how a good shape can help to manage stressful and tough situations on the track. Maybe more than we can imagine.

I know some of the top iracers are also good challengers in real physical activities, not always motor related. Some of them playing team sports, some others individual, it does not matter as long as they try to maximize their commitment to the continuous improvement and to the competition. Improvement, learning and enjoy to the maximum every activity, every lap, even every failure.

During a race a driver must remain calm, focused and in constant communication

Fitness help us to cope with a high mental level demanding activity as simracing is. It allows to foresee the next corner, to plan the strategy, to brake with precision, to avoid mistakes, and to maintain a good performance level during long periods.

Simracing shares the this focus with its real counterpart:

“Drivers also learn breathing techniques to stay calm at crucial moments, and techniques for shutting out the outside world”

And lastly, a brief video playlist showing some of the different aspects to the real race driver training.


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