The start

This is the first of a post series about basic racing rules which are easier said than done. These commandments are logic and common sense about the use of attitudes that everybody has, so, put them in the game.

The start, as you will know with proper experience, is not the most important moment of the races, but it is certainly the moment when you can lost everything.

Therefore, there is a clear target, not to lose anything. And with that target in mind you have some “enemies” trying you not fulfill your achievements.

  • At least 8 or 9 cars in the same second.
  • At least 2 or 3 guys who think they can win in the first lap.
  • At least 4 or 5 guys who are really nervous.
  • You.

As you can clearly see, there are two parts, something you can control, something you cannot. Your expertise can help you to avoid incidents on track but in some not distant future you are going to fail and get a contact even you are the next Mr Huttu. For this reason we have to bear in mind what we can control.

  • Tires
  • Brake
  • Distance

Real racing has warmup laps for standing starts. iRacing hasn’t. Your tires are cold as ice. Corners are considerably harder than hotlapping, drive smoothly and reduce your speed safely.

Shit happens!You run with a full tank and surrounded by a lot of cars. Attention, prudence and reaction are your best friends. Use the brake softly while you watch your mirrors.

Foresight about what is happening in front and behind you, get a whole picture of the group and which cars are going to wreck. Do not try to push too much and stay away from a dangerous driver fighting for position.

I consider a successful start when first lap is completed. And I have a series of measurable objectives to accomplish. In priority order:

  1. Keep your car intact.
  2. No incidents of any kind.
  3. Maintain your start position.
  4. Gain some position.

You must finish to win. Gold rule. Keep your ***ing car intact.

Incidents can damage your car, but even if you keep it intact, you can lose every option in the race with an early spin, or even worse, lose your focus and your attention and finally wreck your car against walls.

To finish first, you must first finish.I consider a huge successful maintain your start position. I am not a good starter so stay in position without risking integrity of the car is something I appreciate very much. People is going to push you in the first lap. Obey the gold rule number 1. Lift if you must.

Probably the most difficult one, gain positions. You are betting all your chances to your aggressiveness instead of your pace and your mind. You can do it, even you can do it safely, but it is not usual, so enjoy it.

Races are long, long enough to allow some little mistake in the start. Keep a cool head. This is just the beginning.

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