Simracing gloves

It is very common (or even mandatory) use gloves in all racing disciplines. Simracing is a little bit different, because you do not need protection from fire or falls. Bare hands feel natural but in the long distances or hot weather are prone to sweat and as a result feeling uncomfortable.

Grip, protection or comfort are some of the reasons to use them. Here we have a top seller selection.

Mechanix Vent

mechanix_front mechanix_backVery good reviews and a reasonable price. Cheap.






Mechanix Fastfit

mechanix_ffSame brand, even cheaper than the Vent ones. Less ventilated but easy to find. Cheap.






Sparco Arrow K

002532_3_origKarting gloves with the Sparco quality. Very good grip and comfortable. Made of HTX, an Sparco invention. External stitches. Expensive.





Sparco Typhoon K-5

spa_typhoon-kartKarting gloves, non fireprof. Palm and knucle protection. Medium budget.






OMP Gran Premio

OMP_GPFIA approved gloves, two Nomex layers. Comfortable, extra grip. Classic masterpiece. Very expensive.






Sparco Meca 1/2/3

mecablue_1Best seller in every version. Synthetic leather with great feel and grip. Cheap.







This is a short list, Alpinestars, OMP or Sparco has a lot of models for every customer choice. Some people really like to use cycling gloves, fingerless or  other classic leather gloves. No matter what you choose as long as they fit your hands perfectly.

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