This site is many times showing expensive hardware, most of it inaccessible for our readers due to budget, personal situations or just involvement. That doesn’t mean we don’t like to test, try or play with new gadgets, which upgrade our current configuration. Now it is a good time to try, with all new upgrades and improvements that even real racecar drivers are switching track time to save costs. No doubt a good simrig and a good software allows to address little defects or remove some bad manners.

Simracing is starting yet. Almost no sponsors and comparatively smaller prizes are a difficult barrier to gain press attention but, step by step, there are some interesting initiatives taking place. Spain is even a harder place with a very conservative mentality regarding to these matters but, as a nice attempt to mix real and virtual disciplines, vracing.es opened its doors last month.

Close to Madrid, with business experience by Juan Antonio Balcazar, vracing.es has one of the highest quality equipment available ready to satisfy demanding simracers and real racecar drivers. Some drivers already even get in touch with the center to save and train virtually selected driving behaviors and many others are taking their first approach to a high quality simulation.

From boxthislap.org we collaborated to assure the maximum quality experience in the hardware and software setup. Simrigs have the following hardware available:

  • TSS Cockpit Genesis
  • Paddles and buttonplates Ascher Racing
  • Open Sim Wheel
  • Bodyshakers and sound bars
  • Curved triple Samsung screens 27″ or Oculus Rift CV1
  • HE Pedals Pro and Ultimate
  • HE Shifter
  • HE Handbrake
  • SRX dash and buttons

Iracing and Assetto Corsa are the current software options available but we know Automobilista and Rfactor2 will be available soon. Also you can connect to your private and personal account to compare with your home set or just to feel the leap.

We wish him the best of luck in this new project and adventure. We will stay there in the incoming planned activities.

If you need consulting about simracing, you can contact us in our form and about us page.

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